In bygone times parquet flooring was considered one of the most beautiful and sort after floorings. In fact to have parquet flooring in your home was something to be desired and could be afforded by the minority of people.

It originated from France with the aristocracy in the 16th century and became the most sought after flooring as it gave a grandeur that had not been seen before. However it started to take a decline in popularity in the 1930s due to new types of flooring that were more affordable.

Also parquet flooring was very time consuming to keep clean and tidy as every few years it need to be sanded down and the polished back to its former beauty.

But a new trend was coming in the form of carpets and lino’s that were very easy to manufacture and at a fraction of the cost. Also the fitting of this style of flooring was far simpler and a lot cheaper and didn’t take as long.

However as with most trends they come and they go, think about flares in the 1970s popularised by Sonny and Cher then became popular again in the 1990s the same has happened with parquet flooring. We have stopped covering over this flooring or ripping it up and replacing it with an inferior product, to the extent there are now more styles of parquet flooring on the market than ever before. From the real wood parquet flooring to the lvt style of parquet which it truly beautiful and has some really amazing features which we will discuss at a later date.

True parquet flooring is still not cheap to buy and is expensive to install but if you really do want that wow factor from a bygone time with a modern twist then there is no better flooring than parquet.