Many a time when we are talking to customers about this style of flooring we refer to it as LVT. And then you can see a slight quizzical look come to their face and you know the next question is going to be “what is LVT ?”

And that’s a very good question. So what is LVT? Well it actually stands for luxury vinyl tiles. Now on the market today there are many manufacturers of “LVT”. From the likes of Amtico, Karndean, Polyflor, Moduleo and Distinctive, and they are basically all made up of the same materials. But then how would you know which to choose or which is the best wearing or best price to quality? Well a large part of it will be down to the wear layer which can range from 0.30mm to 1mm. Now this may not seem like a lot but this top wear layer can give you anything from a 7 year wear guarantee to a lifetime guarantee.

You also need to consider wether you want a bevelled edge or fully embossed. One thing we would say is always go for a well known manufacturer like Distinctive flooring or Amtico as you can always be assured of the quality and if anything was ever to happen to your lvt flooring this is where you can be assured of great customer service.

But really in the end the choice of lvt comes down to something very simple and that’s do you like it. And really this is one of the biggest factors we find when a client is looking at the flooring. Does the colour go with cupboards or work tops, do you want a contrast? Do we need design strips to go with it?

The choices are numerous with lvt flooring but they all have the following in common. They are extremely hard wearing, they are waterproof and scratch proof. And they are the only flooring in the last 5 years that have rose in double digits throughout the flooring industry as they are becoming more well known and desirable due to the look feel and quality of this great flooring.