We have all heard and probably at some point fitted a click system laminate flooring. And how times have changed from the original type of laminate flooring where you had to use glues to adhere the joints together. And the click systems where a few years in the making before they broke into the mainstream market and the DIY enthusiasts started to trust and believe in them.

Now a similar thing has happened within the LVT market but over a shorter time span than it took for the laminate click systems to emerge. But what is an LVT click system? Well essentially it’s an LVT that rather than being glued to the floor is clicked together much like a laminate (in as much as it becomes a floating floor) thus making it easier for the DIY enthusiast to fit. This is because it literally just clicks together with a brand new and patented click system. It is also a lot easier to fit and cut as this is done by scoring the top layer (wear layer) with a Stanley knife and then snapping it and then laying it hence saving a lot of time with jig saws and saws to make the cuts. It also has all the wonderful properties of the dry back LVT systems in as much as it has the same wear warranties and is water proof and scratch resistant. So why not take a look at the LVY click systems they are the diys new flooring.