The styles of lvt flooring has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. We now have more manufacturers than ever creating some beautiful designs that will stun you. But the smallest of changes can make a room look completely different and one of these small changes is the design strips. It is a very humble insignificant piece of the flooring that it can get overlooked by many. It comes in a number of guises that include “grouting strips”, “marquetry strips”, “feature strips” and inlay strips.

The grouting strips are used to create a more authentic look to a tiled lvt and can compliment the colour of the tile or can contrast it. It can really bring another dimension to the flooring.

The marquetry strips are very similar to the grouting strips but are used on wood lvt as a design inlay or can be used as a design strip that goes around the perimeter of the room to give another look to a wood flooring.

The feature strips are where you can step it up a level in as much as it can really set an lvt flooring off and create something unique to you. It is used in the same way as the grouting and marquetry strips but has a more bold design.

And finally and inlay strip, well that’s just another name the same as design strips to encompass all of the above. So go on, have some fun with you lvt flooring by adding design strips.