Well we will all know by now that the in vogue colour of the moment is, yes you’ve guessed it, grey. No matter where you look, be it in magazines, DIY stores, even furniture. And it is no different with flooring. Just go into any carpet shop and take a look at the samples, I can guarantee that over 80% of them will be different shades of grey. The same applies with laminates and LVT’s. We just cant seem to get enough grey. Grey it seems has become the new beige, and that’s not a bad thing. Now you may think that grey is a dull dreary colour and a bit depressing to look at but trust me its far from that. Pop into a store that sells wallpaper and there are some wonderful designs all around the colour grey. And it is so easy to match up to and you cant really go wrong. Just as beige was a base colour to then add your own personality to it, its the same with the grey’s today, but its just so more upto date and more modern.

Take a look in your local flooring shop or look online or Pintrest and you will see the same trend running through today’s Luxury Vinyl Tile’s. Nearly all manufacturers have focused with this on trend colour and there are some truly stunning designs out there. Take a look at the Distinctive Autograph collection or the mFlor collections, or look at the latest revolutionary COREtec, just beautiful LVT flooring. So the next time you think boring old grey, think again as you could create something special.