We have all probably heard now of LVT flooring and know that it is either Amtico or Karndean! But is it really just these two so called front runners? Well you may be surprised to know that Distinctive flooring is a true contender to the LVT throne, especially with its new range of Signature flooring. It is a truly sublime range of LVTs chosen by their National Sales Manager Jay Taylor. Now why is this an important little fact? Well Jay had been in the LVT flooring for many years and has worked for some major heavyweight LVT manufacturers. But he saw an opportunity to expand a number of LVT products that could be enhanced above and beyond what was on the market as he new that some manufacturers had become complacent in their portfolios. So as from June this year a new and vibrant number of editions have been added to the Distinctive portfolio, and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

So we ask, is it Karndean and Amtico? Not at all, Distinctive flooring really may be the new king of the block (at least within LVTs).

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