As Michael Jackson once sang “It don’t matter if it’s black or white”. Now just to use this saying in flooring terms does it matter what colours you use and do they look good together? Well I think we would all agree that these two colours are iconic and go together like a horse and carriage or cheese and pickle. Yes they are meant to complement each other. But they do need to be in the right context, just as you wouldn’t have a horse and carriage ride on a cliff or eat cheese and pickle just before a first date, the same applies to having black and white flooring. In some areas of the home it just does not go or can clash with its surroundings.

So where and when would you have black and white flooring in your home? Well one place you may not want to have it would be in your lounge. A simple reason is that these two colours are quite cold and clinical looking, so when you are trying to relax they may not give off the right karma. But put these same two colours together in a kitchen and it’s a whole new ball game. And if you add a splash of grey then you can really create a room with a real clean modern vibe that everyone will love, admire and want to copy. A great product for this is the Distinctive LVT Autograph collection where they have a true black and white tile (this is really important as some LVT’s and look off white/black look so making the whole design a bit of a letdown). They are called Distinctive Autograph Collection King and Distinctive Autograph Collection Warhol. It is a really great product and it has some great benefits. Firstly it is waterproof so need to worry about spillages. It’s warm underfoot and can be used with under floor heating with no issues. Its scratch resistant and is not prone to breaking like stone tiles. And finally it comes with a 15 year warranty. So if you are looking for a very beautiful clean modern look we feel this may just fit the brief.