Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT Flooring for short can represent a huge advantage over traditional laminate flooring. LVT click flooring has only grown in popularity over the last few years and for a number of huge benefits. Rather than getting laminate fitted inside your home you may want to consider this waterproof alternative.

Here are some of the top advantages:

LVT flooring is more durable than laminate. What gives LVT its extreme durability is the waterproof nature of the material. As well as this the wear layers that can give this type of flooring warranties up to 20 years. Just like quality hardwood, LVT flooring can last over generations. This is due to having a clear vinyl or urethane coating that will protect it from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Not only this but it can help resist scratches.

LVT click flooring today is also a master imitator of hardwood and other surfaces. The customization options are virtually limitless in using this type of material. There are many LVT manufacturers that can imitate the look of ceramic tiles, expensive or rare hardwood varieties and more.

LVT flooring solutions are also significantly less expensive than their counterparts. Rather than having to invest in hardwood or ceramic tiles, you can get the same look while spending just a fraction of the money for a durable solution that can suit your lifestyle. LVT flooring solutions can imitate the look of other types of flooring that could typically cost you thousands of pounds more to install.

The installation can also be significantly easier with LVT. This can save you on labor if you’re hiring a fitter or save you an extensive amount of time if you’re going to be taking a DIY approach (LVT Online would always recommend hiring a professional LVT fitter when installing your new flooring). With LVT click flooring, the entire flooring system can come together in a matter of hours and provide the same beautiful look of a floor that would typically take days to install.

Consider some of these top benefits of LVT flooring if you are trying to decide on this option over laminate.